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Car Accidents: How to Manage COVID-19 Stress

Car Accidents

Car accidents and stress are directly linked. During the aftermath of COVID-19 epidemic apply these useful tips to help you avoid a car accident and continue to keep the numbers low.

Newsmax states that COVID-19 caused the largest drop of fatal car accidents in US history.

As auto accident lawyers, we’ve heard a lot of reasons for why a person has a car accident. Time and time again, stress comes up (especially during the COVID-19 Epidemic).  Apply these useful tips to help you avoid a car accident during this epidemic and its aftermath. Whether it’s personal or professional, stress can manifest as an inability to focus, or to become easily distracted. When you come across traffic jams, bad weather, or terrible drivers, times when you need your focus the most, that distraction can prove dangerous and expensive. And of course, what greater personal stressors are there than a global pandemic and precarious economy?

Most people are back on the roads.  Therefore, please do your best to avoid the hassle of car accident claims by taking a proactive approach to your stress. Healthy habits, like drinking lots of water, exercising, and getting plenty of sleep are all great ways to help your body manage cortisol levels. But here are a few immediate tips you can use while driving to help reduce stress.

Pick Your Music Carefully

Instead of beat-heavy music or loud bangers, opt for instrumental or classical music that can help you stay relaxed.

Stay In the Same Lane

Changing lanes is overrated. Is that 15 seconds of time you’re going to save really that important? Leave for your destination with plenty of time, so you don’t find yourself rushing. Taking a few extra minutes to get where you’re going can mean avoiding a serious car accident.

Open the Windows

Especially now, when we’re all staying inside a bit more than usual, fresh air is incredibly important. A few deep breaths of some cool breezes will help your brain refocus with some much needed oxygen.

Be Careful and Stay Safe! Don’t become a victim of the aftermath of Covid-19.

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Take these steps if you are involved in an accident.



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