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Understanding Florida’s Statute of Limitations For Personal Injury Claims

All 50 states have laws that limit the amount of time people have to file a claim for injuries: personal injury statutes of limitations

For many states, two or three years is common, and some states have up to six years (Maine and North Dakota). Florida Statutes Section 95.11(3)(a) allows people four years to file a personal injury claim. 

Although you have up to four years to file a lawsuit, you should not wait this long to contact a lawyer in any scenario. If you were involved in a vehicle accident, you will need to notify your insurance company promptly, per the terms of your insurance policy. If you hire a lawyer shortly after an accident, your attorney can handle communications with your lawyer, and ensure your legal rights are protected. Many people delay contacting a lawyer and end up answering questions and providing a recorded statement to an insurance adjuster, which can diminish the value of their claim.  

Once you hire a lawyer, they may not immediately file a lawsuit. However, a good Florida personal lawyer will immediately investigate the event that caused your injury and begin preserving evidence. They can arrange for an independent investigation of the accident if necessary, and begin work on calculating damages. 

If you think back to events in your life 3 years ago, it may be hard to remember specific details. Even recollections of traumatic events may be difficult to piece together. Even long after an accident occurs, it is possible, with photographs, notes, and medical records, to accurately detail a chain of events. However, it is always within your best interests to reach out to a lawyer as soon as possible. 

What Damages Are Available for Florida Personal Injury Claims? 

Damages available in a Florida personal injury claim may include medical care expenses (current medical bills and future medical care), lost earnings, and pain and suffering. When injuries are serious and prevent you from working, the money you recover in your personal injury settlement can make a significant impact on your quality of life going forward. 

Should You Accept a Quick Personal Injury Settlement? 

Never accept a settlement offer from your insurance company without talking to a lawyer first. One of the reasons a lawsuit is typically not filed immediately (and you should never accept an immediate settlement) is it takes time to understand how your injuries will affect you. If you are moderately sore a couple days after a rear-end car accident, you do not know if you will still be sore in two weeks, or two months? 

There Are No Up Front Fees to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer 

The lawyer you choose to represent you matters. Personal injury victims are able to hire a lawyer at the Coleman Law Group with no out-of-pocket costs or fees. Because we handle all cases on a contingency fee basis, we assume all risks associated with your case. We are only paid if and when we recover money for you. 

This arrangement allows our clients to focus on healing and recovery, while we fight to ensure you are fairly compensated and justice is served. Talk to a lawyer with proven results and experience. Call us at (877) 822-9292 to speak with a member of our team about your case. 

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