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At Coleman Law Group, we know the importance of referral lawyers. We respect that they are doing the best for their clients by bringing our experienced personal injury lawyers into the claim. As one of the top plaintiff legal firms in Florida, we often receive referrals from other types of lawyers and firms. That's because they know the presence of one of our auto accident lawyers on a case means we'll help get the maximum compensation for their client.

Because referral lawyers can be such an important part of our process, we are diligent about paying referral fees once a case is resolved. Referral lawyers are our brothers and sisters in the legal world, and we work hard to build and preserve relationships with them, whether that's by taking over care or starting a joint venture.

We Follow The Letter Of The Law

It's a common misconception that lawyers are not allowed to accept fees for referring clients. Yet, it is completely legal and guided by specific Florida State Bar regulations. At Coleman Law Group, PA, we are dedicated to always doing things by the book. All our fee-sharing agreements comply with the letter of the Florida State regulations. We are authorized to share fees with other lawyers as long as the client in question is aware and has authorized the fee-sharing agreement in writing. All of our referral agreements are authorized in writing by the client before the case is settled, to make sure all parties understand and agree to the terms.

As long as a lawyer is a member of the bar and may legally practice in their local jurisdiction, we are open to entering into fee-sharing agreements with all types of practicing attorneys.

The referral fee amount is determined on a case-by-case basis and can vary depending on the terms of the case in question. We look at several factors when negotiating fee referrals, including case costs, at what point in the case the claim is currently, the type of accident, and how much the referring attorney wants to stay involved. However, despite our strident evaluations, we have always been able to reach a suitable agreement with a referring lawyer. In the end, the best interest of the client is what takes priority for us and them.

If you are interested in referring a case to us or starting up a referring agreement, please contact us for further details.

Bring In Coleman Law Group To Help Your Client Win

In Florida, personal injury cases require a very specific subset of legal experience and education. If you are not a personal injury attorney or an experienced car accident attorney, it may be in your client's best interest to refer them to one of our experienced personal injury attorneys.

Likewise, even if you are a talented personal injury lawyer yourself, sometimes a case can be too big to handle solo. If you find yourself on a very extensive case and you're worried about having the resources to represent your client's best interests, referring your client to Coleman Law Group can be a great solution for all parties. You'll know you're offering your clients the best possible representation, as well as reducing risk for your own firm.

We also receive many referrals from colleagues who simply cannot represent their friends or family members effectively. Clients will sometimes assume that just because you're a lawyer, you can handle every type of case. But the law has many niches and getting the best representation and best settlement means finding a lawyer who understands all angles of the laws that apply. When you refer a friend or relative to us, you'll not only be getting them the best results, you'll also receive a percentage of the legal fees once the settlement is determined.

If you have any questions about referral agreements and fee evaluation, or if you have a case that you may like to refer to us, please feel free to contact us. At Coleman Law Group, we're proud of our reputation for fair, honest, aggressive representation. When you work with us, you can count on working with a team that holds ethical compliance and integrity as its highest standard. We'll put our extensive years of personal injury experience to work for your client and get them the resolution they deserve.

Are you or a loved one injured in an accident? Our attorneys can help. We care and we fight hard to hold negligent parties accountable and get your life back. Let us show you what we can do for you.

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