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Accidentes con Uber y vehículos compartidos

An injury as a passenger in an Uber or Ride Sharing accident in Sarasota can leave you with many questions. You entrust your safety to the rideshare driver to take you from the pickup to your destination. Or perhaps you are a rideshare driver who offers your services, and you were injured through no fault of your own. Contact an Sarasota Uber and Ride Sharing Accident Lawyer at the Coleman Law Group to be sure you receive compensation for your losses.

Uber and ride sharing accidents are more common than you might think, especially because of the tourist attractions in Florida. So, after an accident, keep these things in mind.

Get Out of Danger

If you are in the line of traffic, move out of the way to avoid another Sarasota car accident. If you are the driver, activate the hazard lights and use any other emergency tools. The safety of the people involved is your primary concern.

Get Emergency Assistance

Check on everyone to see if they suffered an injury. Then, immediately call 911 for emergency medical assistance. Even if there are no injuries, it is best to call the police to document the facts of the accident. The police report is the foundation of any personal injury case. Your Sarasota Uber and Ride Sharing Accident Lawyer requests a copy of the police report as evidence gathering for determining fault. They collect information about witnesses, any other vehicles, or pedestrians on the scene of your accident. The police report includes any citations, which is critical in determining fault.

Accident Etiquette

Remember, no matter how upset you are, be cooperative and polite. But don't apologize because that could be considered an admission of guilt, which could hold you at fault for a negligence claim. Right after the accident, the fault may or may not be obvious, so don't risk the value of your case with an apology.

Take Pictures and Screenshots

Assuming you have no injuries, while you are on-scene, take pictures of everything in the surrounding area, including the vehicles and the roadway. Additional shots of any nearby intersections help, too. Snap photos of the license plates of any vehicles involved, or nearby. Take pictures of witnesses and their IDs. Take screenshots of all information in the ride share app about that particular ride for insurance purposes.

Report the Accident in the App Interface

Alert the rideshare company that an accident took place through their mobile app. Don't offer too much information, because if you get any detail wrong, it will work against you later.

Get a Personal Injury Attorney Free Consultation

Be wary of early settlement offers by rideshare insurance companies. Ensure the doctors document your injuries. Get a Personal Injury Attorney Free Consultation at the Coleman Law Group before you sign any settlement documents. We are on your side to ensure you receive a fair recovery for your PIP (Personal Injury Protection) benefits and any third-party claims for damages like pain and suffering and your injuries sustained in the Sarasota ride share accident. Contact an Uber and Ride Sharing Accident Lawyer at the Coleman Law Group for a Personal Injury Attorney Free Consultation. Call today.

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